Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mutant Chronicles In Theaters April 24th

I recently added Google Adsense to my MisGamerz blog and though I know it's totally bad manners to click on your own ads (not to mention kind of illegal) I couldn't help but click.
Clicky click click...
See, a neat ads application on google is allowing people to add video ads to their blogs and websites. I actually hadn't quite figured it out yesterday, but it looks like it's an automatic thing.
It was the first video ad I had seen on my blog. I couldn't resist clicking on it. I just had to watch it. Seemed too interesting to pass up. I pressed play and found myself transfixed. There was something about the colors, the dark contrast, the shapes and the action I was seeing on the tiny little application. Like I was peering through a looking glass into another world, but it was over to soon and so I clicked on the link provided at the end of the ad...
Voila! Just like that I took the bait. How does the saying go? Hook, line and...oh whatever. Point is, I think I'm watching this when it comes out on the 24th (that's 2 days, that's right, 2 DAYS after my B-day). Now, how am I going to trick Rigid into taking me to the movies?

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  1. woh! i'm leaving a comment to myself. i like this embeded commend thingy. it's so much nicer.

    testy the looky.

    can i pretend i'm someone else? OH LORDY! why hadn't i ever thought of that? lol