Thursday, May 07, 2009

I Got My Invite To UberVu And You Don't Have One

HAHA! *raspberries* I don't know how I did it, but the guys at uberVU decided to let me check out the early version 3 weeks before the public beta is released. I'm so excited I really don't know what to say.

I only spoke about this site once and well, I'm not big on reviews but it's one of those little gems that I just can't help talking about. I don't really have anyone else to share this with in fact because no one else geeks out about stuff like this as much as I do. one I know of course.

Have you ever tried Meebo? Probably not, it's an instant messaging site that allows you to keep track of every instant messenger service out there and gives you the ability to reply from one single little place.

I recently found out that Meebo has actually begun adding sites like twitter, facebook and myspace to the instant messenger list. That's an amazing tool for instant messages, but not easy for keeping track of conversations or special topics across entirely different platforms.

That's where uberVU comes in. I can't exactly tell you how to picture it because I've only seen it once and well, what I'm looking at might not actually be what you'll be looking at when it comes out thus making my post rather pointless now that I think about it. Still, it's going to be SO FREAKIN' COOL and I get to see it before you do!!! NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA.

Remember all the bitching I do on Utterli about fixing this and adding that? Well, and I'm sure the Utterli Team will be happy to hear this, I get to bitch at someone else now. *snicker* No more complaints about the difficulty I've had keeping track of conversations and reply's on Utterli. UberVu will now have that special privilege. Sorry Utterli, no more complaints from Maha. You're dead to me. Kidding...

Tracking topics on Twitter is going to be a cinch and maybe I'll finally keep track of my YouTube comments so I can actually reply the same day or week rather than sometime in the next few months or that year.

It's times like these that I think of my friends on Gamertagpics. I miss that site so much and the fact that I can't interact with them because of my job just kills me. Most of the people there are so dedicated and loyal to the site that they're completely unwilling to try new things so I'm out here unable to interact with them AT ALL. I'm hoping, keeping my fingers crossed, that uverVu will help me bridge that gap. Could it be possible to add an RSS feed and interact with others commenting on that feed? Probably not, but how cool would it be if the folks at UberVu made that happen?

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