Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bioshock Postponed????

Oh no, I just read Bioshock has been postponed. WAAAAAAAH! Postponed before the holidays are even upon us???? Horrible news....Just HORRIBLE.

All gamemakers shares have dropped this year exept for THQ who came out with a mixed martial arts video game.... What mixed martial arts video game? I've not even heard of it. Then again, I don't have my busy bees telling me what's hot and what's not anymore.

*sigh* Life has been so boring since I left my dear Brood behind, but such is life. Maybe I'll put them back together again. Once I'm back on my feet again that is. Maybe sooner in fact. I have nothing better to do at the moment so it could be fun.

A slow Christmas is being predicted this year and with more delays to look forward to it's not looking good for video games this year. Not a huge surprise considering I'm bitching about spending money on a stupid map pack for COD:WAW.

Afterall, I'm spending double on multiplayer games when and IF I buy them. If only sharing a television, console and couch weren't such a huge burden around my house.

Can you imagine when/if Rigid and I actually have kids? What the hell is my house going to be like then? Will we have a console per child? Would I buy an xbox for my kiddies? I wouldn't want to that's for sure. You never know what sick creep is lurking around the corner and most friends on your list will only pretend to put up with it then talk crap about you behind your back...Like it's so easy to tell your kid, "No, you can't play this game. It's Mummy's game and you're too young."

Okay, I wouldn't have a problem with that, but how good would I actually be at reinforcing that? (Wow...tangent much?)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Google Video: A Good Skin Care Regimen Is Expensive

Emailed video

Untrue, you can find a lot of tips on the internet for making your own beauty products. This Olive Oil Night Cream is a great tip and very organic. I'm always searching for the best tips on the net, though you really should use a lot of care in choosing the best tips. I like to use a bit of common sense. For example, Hydrogen Peroxide has a lot of great uses, but although I've seen it posted on several sites I would NEVER pour it into my nose for sinus problems. The only thing I don't have for this night cream recipe is bees wax, but that shouldn't be difficult to find.

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Olive Oil Night Cream for Oily Skin
May 22, 2008 - 01:31
Beauty products don't have to cost an arm and a leg. You can make your own night cream for a fraction of the price. This homemade olive oil night cream is meant for oily skin, with vinegar to ...

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Monday, June 29, 2009

letsbesocial's Utter

i know, i was kind of being an ass. kind of. i mean, it's a silly advert on their behalf don't you think?


huh? it's basically cheating the system in a legal way. until it's illegal of course. how can you build credit on a prepaid visa? if that where the case why couldn't we go to a corner store, pick up a prepaid card and build credit that way?

basically, what you have there is a "savings" account that when used and paid off again shows favorably on your credit report. but i bet that the prepay and the subsequent use of the card WON'T go towards your credit report. not until you put money BACK INTO the card AGAIN. i'm almost sure of it.

how could they get away with that otherwise?

i don't know, i'm probably talking out of my behind. i've no clue how these things work.

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"Celebrity Deaths Eclipse Real News" No Shit Moron!

There are a lot of reasons why I disagree with this article. One of the reasons would be the absurdly obvious attempt to go against the norm. Sorry dear. You want everyone to be more concerned about Iran...

Then go talk about Iran moron. Why are you sitting there wasting my time BEMOANING ABOUT PEOPLE BEMOANING the death of a celebrity!!!!!!!!! Are there enough exclamation points after that line? !!!!!!!!!! I think there can not POSSIBLY be enough.
What a jackass this person is.

I can't say that I've sat there by the television tracking Michael Jackson’s autopsy reports or Farah Faucets (I have no clue how to spell her name) slow and painful death. I hadn't even paid attention to Ed McCann’s demise last Monday, but Billy Mays died yesterday and today I'm just fucking brokenhearted. Talk about breaking the camels back!

This is a man who made it to the top of his game, not by singing, not by acting, not by being a great sidekick/comedian no. This is a man who made it to the top for being really good at selling shit.

This means, this man, this ordinary giant bearded bear of a man worked hard his entire life and it paid off for him. He barely even had the chance to enjoy this "celebrity" status that he had achieved , something that he had not set out to achieve in the first place.

The only reason Billy Mays was a "star" was because he warmed our hearts with his exuberance and bubbling personality. I'm not the type of person who will buy things on TV easily, but Billy could easily have sold my children and I would love every minute of it. Of course, I don't actually have any children. I'm just sayin'. He could sell me dirty laundry instead of laundry detergent and I’d buy them. Billy Mays could sell me a bag of shit and tell me to place it on my lawn to keep gophers away and I would buy it.

Sorry Sulley, you just don’t have that kind of magic. Very few English people do. Mostly because you’re all evil and always trying to take over the world. Suffice it to say that I’m sad. It’s a cloudy day, my heart is loaded with bad news, one celebrity death after the next, the global economy is scary, our economic strength is scary, my economic strength is scary and I have to get rid of three cats because they’re pissing all over my fucking house.

I’m fucking BENT. Just bent. I’m angry, I’m hurting and I feel like a fucking failure. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A FUCKING FAILURE and I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks or says or does. You’ve no idea what I feel like right now because even if you are a failure, even if you think you’re a failure too this is my world right now and you’re just along for the ride. It’s all about ME ME ME ME ME and I can do that GOD DAMN IT!

They make pills for everything nowadays. Hell, they make pills for made up disorders. Why can’t they make pills to make bad news go away? Why did Billy Mays have to go? Why him? Why my cats? Why me?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

right now i'm in the "this place sucks mode" because i expected a hell of a lot more, BUT i'm not the type to give up when i see something that has a lot of potential. how useful i find the site is UP to me. right now, there simply isn't enough "oomph" with the freebie to keep me interested or to tempt me into paying for the domain itself.
IF on the other hand i had the opportunity to mess with the payable version of i'd be more than happy to pay for my own domain. i could go to google and give them 10 bucks, but i'm lazy and i like everything to be done for me in a nice handy little template that i can mess with whenever i want... like my blogger dashboard.
one thing i thought about as i was setting my account profile up (and what a pain in the neck that was by the way. my attention span wavered a bit.) was that because most people don't know a thing about html blogger’s layout features are perfect. rather than mess with the templates on why can't we use the template similar to blogger?
what i mean is, would it be possible to connect my blogger blog to my account to reflect the same header and background as my blog? maybe somehow take the html/css code from my template and add it to (i never make any sense.)
there are a lot more features that could be available. like adding your own headers or changing the colors on the templates. a little more control is much desired. right now, doesn't have what it takes for me, but i'm keeping my eye on it. as it stands it's a great site and a great idea for people just trying agreggate their information on one page. in fact, i was annoyed with myself the other day that i couldn't find an easy way to do that myself or find an easy way to set it up on my own. i know i could, i just have to get off my butt. unfortunately there's just no time to figure it out.
the fact that you can get a free domain from them is great and it's all prefab templates and junk. it's just too rudimentary. no sparkle or shine. not yet. basically, it seems like a great way for marketers to keep track of the activity in their accounts or have a free "domain" name to hand out while "rakeing" in the cash from other sites.
of course, i do like this guys version of what is supposed to be used for. i'm just not that convinced yet. i'm going to go home and set up the other profiles...see what i can come up with at this point.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Widgets?!? Widgets?!? We Ain't Got No Stinking Widgets!!!

I love these things, but I'm starting to get the feeling that they're absolutely and totally pointless. All they do is clutter up my site and make it look like crap. So, there you have it. A nice safe place to archive my silly internet escapades and widgety goodness.

I might go back to this site some day. Maybe they'll get better widgets to give out (for free of course). Personally I could use something without the giant "GET THIS WIDGET HERE AND THIS LINK RIGHT HERE, GET IT NOW OR DIE, DO IT, GET THIS WIDGET OR YOU'LL HAVE BAD LUCK FOR 50,000 YEARS!!!!" tab.

What? So I might be exaggerating a little bit. Heh...

Seriously though, these widgets just give you snippets of the rss feeds on my other blogs, but why would you assume that if someone might want the widget for their very own blog that they wouldn't simply click the widget name to go to the widget website? Huh? Riddle me that mother f'er! Friggin retards. It's unsightly! I won't use it on my site anymore and no, I seriously don't give a crap that I can PAY for my very own super splendiferous PREMIUM access and not have those little ugly tabs on the widget.

Kiss my ass widget maker peoples. I'm giving up on you and your ugly ass widget!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I Got My Invite To UberVu And You Don't Have One

HAHA! *raspberries* I don't know how I did it, but the guys at uberVU decided to let me check out the early version 3 weeks before the public beta is released. I'm so excited I really don't know what to say.

I only spoke about this site once and well, I'm not big on reviews but it's one of those little gems that I just can't help talking about. I don't really have anyone else to share this with in fact because no one else geeks out about stuff like this as much as I do. one I know of course.

Have you ever tried Meebo? Probably not, it's an instant messaging site that allows you to keep track of every instant messenger service out there and gives you the ability to reply from one single little place.

I recently found out that Meebo has actually begun adding sites like twitter, facebook and myspace to the instant messenger list. That's an amazing tool for instant messages, but not easy for keeping track of conversations or special topics across entirely different platforms.

That's where uberVU comes in. I can't exactly tell you how to picture it because I've only seen it once and well, what I'm looking at might not actually be what you'll be looking at when it comes out thus making my post rather pointless now that I think about it. Still, it's going to be SO FREAKIN' COOL and I get to see it before you do!!! NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA.

Remember all the bitching I do on Utterli about fixing this and adding that? Well, and I'm sure the Utterli Team will be happy to hear this, I get to bitch at someone else now. *snicker* No more complaints about the difficulty I've had keeping track of conversations and reply's on Utterli. UberVu will now have that special privilege. Sorry Utterli, no more complaints from Maha. You're dead to me. Kidding...

Tracking topics on Twitter is going to be a cinch and maybe I'll finally keep track of my YouTube comments so I can actually reply the same day or week rather than sometime in the next few months or that year.

It's times like these that I think of my friends on Gamertagpics. I miss that site so much and the fact that I can't interact with them because of my job just kills me. Most of the people there are so dedicated and loyal to the site that they're completely unwilling to try new things so I'm out here unable to interact with them AT ALL. I'm hoping, keeping my fingers crossed, that uverVu will help me bridge that gap. Could it be possible to add an RSS feed and interact with others commenting on that feed? Probably not, but how cool would it be if the folks at UberVu made that happen?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mutant Chronicles In Theaters April 24th

I recently added Google Adsense to my MisGamerz blog and though I know it's totally bad manners to click on your own ads (not to mention kind of illegal) I couldn't help but click.
Clicky click click...
See, a neat ads application on google is allowing people to add video ads to their blogs and websites. I actually hadn't quite figured it out yesterday, but it looks like it's an automatic thing.
It was the first video ad I had seen on my blog. I couldn't resist clicking on it. I just had to watch it. Seemed too interesting to pass up. I pressed play and found myself transfixed. There was something about the colors, the dark contrast, the shapes and the action I was seeing on the tiny little application. Like I was peering through a looking glass into another world, but it was over to soon and so I clicked on the link provided at the end of the ad...
Voila! Just like that I took the bait. How does the saying go? Hook, line and...oh whatever. Point is, I think I'm watching this when it comes out on the 24th (that's 2 days, that's right, 2 DAYS after my B-day). Now, how am I going to trick Rigid into taking me to the movies?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Calling All Yakkerz: BenSpark Needs A Hoof

a blogger meetup called Blogs, Brews and Belly Laughs? for charity fund raising?? the hell you say!!! i'll check it out as soon as i can @benspark. lol :)

in fact, let me grab my bells before i forget them. me cow bellz! MOOOOOO!!! yakkerz unite! :P

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OnLive Deliver Us From Teh Gamer Hell Called Lag

OnLive has recently come out of the woodwork and may be changing the face of gaming for ever! I'm still not sure about this company and I really haven't read much about it other than the small bit of news this morning. I've been so busy all day that I haven't had the chance to address this, but I think it may be a really awesome system. (Too busy to post thus far, but I did read a little more later in the day so read on for more info.)

Who doesn't want to play online without an intense amount of lag? Who doesn't want to play multiplayer games as if they were on a single player game? I long for the days when I can kill my friends with glee AND with the knowledge that it was nothing but skill that got me through at the end of the day. I get nothing out of winning a game or challenge with lag on my side. It's bull and everyone knows it.

Winning isn't winning if the reason your winning is because the gamers on the other team are trying to kill your shadow.

OnLive may actually put an end to all of that because you won't depend on your own internet connection to provide a lag free game. Gameplay would be on OneLive servers and video games will be available for download through OneLive as well. Looks like the days of the CD are numbered.

It all started with Itunes, then Netflix and now...OnLive.

I just joined the Beta sign up and I really hope I get in. They're signing Beta testers up now for this Summer. I really want to find out first hand what it's about and how much a system will cost.

I almost forgot the best part. You'll be able to connect to these online games though your TV (via the MicroConsole) & PC or Mac (via a small browser plug in) which they report to be at "lightning fast speed". Ask me how badly I'd love to put that to the test? ASK ME.... It's bad...Bad I tell you. BAD!

Here are a few key points that I found on their FAQ:

Downloads are instant

Connection is super easy

Launching in the US around Winter

Cost? Dunno yet

PC/Mac requirements are low and must be running XP, Vista or current OS-X.

Game patches and updates are automatic

No waiting for new releases

Demos & rentals available

Showing at the 2009 Game Developers Conference

Multiplayer ok

Now, I've been a dedicated Xbox gamer for the last 5-6 years, maybe longer in fact. I met my husband on the black box, married him and bought the white box (360). Because it quickly became evident that sharing would be a problem we bought another one. Even though the expense is outrageous I'm still very attached to my box. It's emotional. Seriously. It is.

Here's the deal though. As attached as I am to my Xbox I would readily hurl the fucker straight out of the window and have my 5 cats take turns pissing on Rigid’s box if it meant that I wouldn't have to deal with one more solitary moment of lag induced coma. I'm not an emo gamer girl, but nothing pisses me off more than lag. NOTHING.

If OnLive came out with a lag free service AND allowed me to connect to games online with my husband without having to pay STUPID prices for double the games that would be even cooler. Of course, I seriously doubt it would ever occur to anyone to allow house holding of gamer accounts. If they did and they're service wasn't quite as amazing as they say it will be I would still join up. I need to save money and sharing just doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore.

Not when I'm having to pay $120 for a game like Call of Duty: World at War only to have that be the only new release that I can afford for the next year and a half.

It’s just killing me!!! I can only prestige so many freakin’ times! I’ve prestiged 5 times already! FIVE!!!!

Please Gods, let OnLive give me lag free service for my Television, PC and Mac (I’m gonna get one, I swear) for super duper cheap. And please Gods, let them find it in their collectively money hungry hearts to let my husband and I both play on the same games for a nominal additional fee, but on separate TV’s (Preferably at no extra charge actually, though I’m sure a secondary MicroConsole purchase would be required.) so we don’t choke each other to death. If this happens we can buy more games to play throughout the year rather than the same stupid game month after month with no relief in site other than the map pack downloads that are so severely honked up each and every time because Microsoft can’t seem to get their shit together with the servers and the system that clearly wasn’t ready for release can’t take the load!

Man, if there was ever a time to stop blabbing it’s now. Seriously.

This is depressing…I’m going home to kick of my shoes, take an exam, review my notes, finish a Sudoku puzzle and play COD before Lost comes on.

Damn it…I have no fucking life.

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