Thursday, May 14, 2009

right now i'm in the "this place sucks mode" because i expected a hell of a lot more, BUT i'm not the type to give up when i see something that has a lot of potential. how useful i find the site is UP to me. right now, there simply isn't enough "oomph" with the freebie to keep me interested or to tempt me into paying for the domain itself.
IF on the other hand i had the opportunity to mess with the payable version of i'd be more than happy to pay for my own domain. i could go to google and give them 10 bucks, but i'm lazy and i like everything to be done for me in a nice handy little template that i can mess with whenever i want... like my blogger dashboard.
one thing i thought about as i was setting my account profile up (and what a pain in the neck that was by the way. my attention span wavered a bit.) was that because most people don't know a thing about html blogger’s layout features are perfect. rather than mess with the templates on why can't we use the template similar to blogger?
what i mean is, would it be possible to connect my blogger blog to my account to reflect the same header and background as my blog? maybe somehow take the html/css code from my template and add it to (i never make any sense.)
there are a lot more features that could be available. like adding your own headers or changing the colors on the templates. a little more control is much desired. right now, doesn't have what it takes for me, but i'm keeping my eye on it. as it stands it's a great site and a great idea for people just trying agreggate their information on one page. in fact, i was annoyed with myself the other day that i couldn't find an easy way to do that myself or find an easy way to set it up on my own. i know i could, i just have to get off my butt. unfortunately there's just no time to figure it out.
the fact that you can get a free domain from them is great and it's all prefab templates and junk. it's just too rudimentary. no sparkle or shine. not yet. basically, it seems like a great way for marketers to keep track of the activity in their accounts or have a free "domain" name to hand out while "rakeing" in the cash from other sites.
of course, i do like this guys version of what is supposed to be used for. i'm just not that convinced yet. i'm going to go home and set up the other profiles...see what i can come up with at this point.

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